A floor convector with Al/Cu- lamellar exchanger, above all suitable for individual structures. Article for spot delivery. Bargain price, approved technology and quality guarantee.
The convector tank is made of galvanized steel coated with epoxy-polyester spray layer. The framed Al-natur roll grill covers the convector/floor transition. Each convector is equipped with a Z-VD001 regulator to control fan engine speeds under the 230V AC voltage. 2 convector types with tangential fans and 3 fanless types are available, both in the lengths of 1200, 1600, 2000, 2200, 2800 mm and height of 115 mm. No dimension modifications or atypical grills and convector shapes are available. Articles for spot delivery.


Termo activ is ideal model suitable for modern building development, low-energy and passive houses and for "Green Energy" Projects. A wide assortment exclusively constructed for safe and economical 24V DC operating voltage. Floor convector with intelligent regulation is a guaranty for comfortable heating. Continuous speed regulation regulation evaluates the real room temperature and the same of the heating medium, controls open window sensors. The integrated algorithm system optimizes the heating body operation and so guarantees minimizing of heat losses and economic heating. Thermostat mode for comfortable automatic control. 24 V DC safe voltage and high efficiency are the basic attributes of the new series of TERMO ACTIVE floor convectors.
Floor convectors equipped with Cu/Cu wire exchangers unique extra products with respect to hygiene – easy cleaning of the unique wire exchanger, its mechanical resistance or stable charakteristics at Cu/Cu-contact avoiding thermal losses etc.
The Range includes models with fans and natural convection; heating and cooling modes. A wide assortment of models and types. The stainless steel tank is coverted by in an aluminium frame and grill. Length and height modifications, pointed or angular forms and other atypical shapes are available. Grills: Al-roll grills, wooden natural or stained grils.


Convectors series equipped with Al/Cu lamellar exchanger. A wide range of convectors with tangential fans or natural convection; heating and cooling modes. Stainless steel tank is fixed in a massive aluminium frame. Length and height modifications, cranked or arched forms and other atypical shapes are available.
Grills: Al-roll grills, raw or stained wooden roll grills, linear grills. Colours as per the client´s wish. A wide assortment of convectors, operating voltage of 230V AC. Suitable for industrial structures and specific projects due to the extensive variability.
New offer: Models with continuous speed control under the operating voltage of 24V DC (power saving fans, continuous speed regulation, 24V DC safe voltage, control in the range of 0-10V, Al/Cu heating exchanger, integration to BMS- System).
A new generation of modern convectors.