Lamellar Exchanger Convectors are modern heating elements used for offices, commercial areas, car showrooms, hotels and other public buildings.
The convectors are suitable for rooms which need thermal screening of large glassed-in panels, e.g. French windows, shop-windows or walls exposed to cold air impact.
Low water capacity is a precondition for good regulation enabling possibly quick heating-up under thermal inertia decrease and allows fast reaction on ambient temperature variation caused by random heat gains, such as solar radiation, persons' occurrence, electrical appliances etc.
An optimal convector function may be achieved by a jacketing, consequently creating a so called fidley hatch.


LEONARDO Convectors, the best solution for high heating needs, occupying very little space. The high quality levels, the large choice of models and the simple and clean aesthetics of the Leonardo Convectors guarantee the satisfaction of both installers and final customers. 8 Types - 4 Heights - 22 Standard lengths up to 3 m.